The Forgiveness Project Ruchi Singh

Ruchi Singh


"Forgiveness doesn’t mean saying I’m OK with what he did, it means I can continue with my life in a more peaceful frame of mind."

Rosei Ayliffe shares her story of forgiveness

Rosie Ayliffe


"For me forgiveness started with first forgiving the system, then forgiving my mum and eventually forgiving myself."

Lis Cashin


"My journey to healing started with self-forgiveness and then it became compassion."

Joan Scourfield


"I used to feel that if I forgive Jacob it meant I’d forgotten James but now that Jacob has done so well forgiving him feels really natural."

Kia Scherr


"Through forgiveness I’ve learnt that love doesn’t die."

Brigitte Sossou Perenyi


"Forgiveness has freed me because it recognises we are all human and we all make mistakes."

Elizabeth and Fernando Jimenez


"At first it was very difficult to forgive Nick but then I realised it was not about forgiving the man but about forgiving his stupidity."

Ivan Humble


"I had been totally focused on our differences but after three months of talking to Khalil I discovered common ground."

Janis Hillard


"It is through forgiveness that I have repossessed what was stolen from me and put it back where it rightfully belongs."

Irina Krasovskaya


"If I think about them too much I start to dream of revenge so then I have to stop myself because I know revenge will destroy me. I cannot allow myself to bleed and die inside."

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