Janis Hillard


"It is through forgiveness that I have repossessed what was stolen from me and put it back where it rightfully belongs."

Hashim Garrett


"I soon found out that forgiveness was the hardest word to say in public."

Stacy Bannerman


"Forgiveness won’t change the past, but it can change the present, which is where the future starts."

Zak Ebrahim


"In that instant, I realized how much negative energy it takes to hold hatred inside of you."

Gayle Kirschenbaum


"I choose to forgive her for my own health and happiness and to free myself from mental angst and bondage."

Pardeep Kaleka


"We decided we needed to reach out and get to know our neighbours, making contributions to our community and learning together."

Mathew Shurka


"In the past I’d always perceived him as this horrible man who didn’t understand or care for me, but now I just saw a father who loved his son."

Liz Stone


"Softly the answer came; ‘forgiveness is mine to give, his reaction is irrelevant’."

Scarlett Lewis


"So please honour Jesse’s memory by consciously changing an angry thought into a loving one, to make this a better world."

Dr. Chuck Sandstrom


"To borrow from Harold Kushner, forgiveness is first and foremost a way of seeing. It cannot change the facts about the world we live in but it can change the way we see those facts."

Samantha Lawler


"Forgiveness is not about forgiving the act but forgiving the imperfections which are inherent in all of us."

Cathy Harrington


"Lots of things in life are senseless. There’s so much we can’t explain but we need to be able to love the questions."

Lynette D. Grace


"My mission now is to work with Johnny to offer a story of healing, forgiveness and restoration in the hope of inspiring others."

Arno Michaelis


"Forgiveness is a sublime example of humanity that I explore at every opportunity."

Judith Toy


"I had forgiven Charles, not condoned what he did. And I was still afraid of him."

TJ Leyden


"The greatest compassion I’ve ever experienced is when I spoke at a synagogue and a Jewish Holocaust survivor came up to me and said they forgave me."

Sammy Rangel


"In the end, forgiveness released me from the hate that was consuming me."

Lorenn Walker


"Forgiving my attacker was easy...But forgiving myself for what happened took me 25 years."

Rebecca DeMauro


"I knew that if something didn’t change I would be in the graveyard, dead from a broken heart, next to my little daughter."

Mwalimu Johnson


"Initially I was unable to entertain any thought of forgiveness, but slowly I came to realize that bitterness only creates bitterness."

Tom Mauser


"Our goal is to honor Daniel with acts of hope, and not mar our memory of him with anger or hatred or despair."

Bud Welch


"About a year before the execution I found it in my heart to forgive Tim McVeigh. It was a release for me rather than for him."

Celia McWee


"My anger is entirely directed towards myself for turning my back on my son when he needed me most."

Andrew Rice


"I’m refusing to fall in line with what 'they' want, which is visceral hatred between two sides; this gives me permission to reconcile."


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