Lis Cashin


"My journey to healing started with self-forgiveness and then it became compassion."

Joan Scourfield


"I used to feel that if I forgive Jacob it meant I’d forgotten James but now that Jacob has done so well forgiving him feels really natural."

Elizabeth and Fernando Jimenez


"At first it was very difficult to forgive Nick but then I realised it was not about forgiving the man but about forgiving his stupidity."

Ivan Humble


"I had been totally focused on our differences but after three months of talking to Khalil I discovered common ground."

Andrea Martinez


"Deciding to forgive was a process, it’s not something that can happen overnight."

Jacob Dunne


"It’s extraordinary to think that the people I harmed the most were the people to judge me the least."

Anne-Marie Cockburn


"They wanted him to be punished but I just said, "I'll never ever get justice for Martha because she's dead so why waste two young lives instead of just one"."

Susan Waters


"I sense a freedom in trusting the process of life, that justice will find its own course and consequence."

Madeleine Black


"I used to think that they were evil, but I started to understand that they didn't come into this world that way."

Hanneke Coates


"I thought I had forgiven my Japanese captors, and yet was always aware of the hairs rising in the nape of my neck when I heard a Japanese voice."

Grace Idowu


"When I recovered myself I told him, 'I’m not crying for David, I’m crying for you. What have you done with your life?"'

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