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Jude Whyte


"Most people don’t ever forgive because they see it as stampeding on the memory of their loved ones."

Gwen Gibson


"It was coming up to Christmas and I sent him a Christmas card just to say that I was sorry he was in trouble again, that he must stop offending and that I would like him to have a happy and worthwhile life."

Deborah Hollywood


"The thought of meeting Jordan frightened me, and I didn’t want to get into an argument with him, but I wanted to know why he’d behaved the way he had."

Martin Snodden


"My past violent actions were very destructive, but now I’m fighting for peace in a far more constructive manner."

Jo Berry and Pat Magee


"Perhaps more than anything I’ve realised that no matter which side of the conflict you’re on, had we all lived each other's lives, we could all have done what the other did."

Margaret McKinney


"Religion doesn’t matter there. Whether it’s the mother of an IRA son, or the wife of a Loyalist paramilitary, there’s no difference."

Alistair Little


"But I don’t think I have a right to ask for forgiveness. It only adds insult to injury, and places yet another burden upon relatives and family members."

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