"I would venture into the jaws of hell if my story could shift just one person's views and move them away from violence." — Assaad Chaftari

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The Forgiveness Project’s unique contribution to this debate is to provide a space of inquiry rather than argument, to ask questions rather than provide answers, and to explore key aspects of forgiveness and its impact through individual real life stories.


Analysis of the many stories The Forgiveness Project has collected over the years shows that while forgiveness is not a linear process, and seldom a one-off event, nevertheless certain qualities and values feature in most of the stories.


The quest for forgiveness is universal, empowering people of all beliefs and backgrounds to relinquish hate, cynicism and vengeful instincts. These stories come from all corners of the world and whether they focus on mending broken hearts or broken communities, show that forgiveness is about connecting to a common, shared humanity.

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