A series of four resources for use within Philosophy for Children (P4C) enquiries, or as stand alone activities within lessons or tutor time. Each resource includes a preparation activity, film link to a real life story of forgiveness, a concept mind map and example philosophical questions.

Please download and read our guidance notes which highlight the importance of providing a safe and supportive learning environment when using these resources, and outline the content of each resource in more detail.

Natalia Aggiano

In 1997, after 30 years of bullying and abuse, Natalia Aggiano’s mother was brutally murdered by her father. Shortly after his imprisonment Natalia wrote him a note offering her forgiveness, which started a process of healing and inner peace.

Key concepts: hatred, harm, abuse, control, family, relationships, truth, mistakes, forgiveness, family ties, legacy, peace

Shad Ali

Shad Ali, an ex-social worker, was attacked when he came to the rescue of two Pakistani women who were being abused by a passing pedestrian. Six years later Shad met his attacker at a face-to-face restorative justice meeting.

Key concepts: anger, unprovoked, forgiveness, respect, healing, self-exploration, life fulfilment, empathy, break the cycle

Andrea Martinez

When Andrea Martinez was seven years old, she was sexually abused by a relative. After being unable to speak of her abuse for many years, Andrea began to confide in a family friend who had suffered a similar abuse.

Key concepts: abuse, anger, hurt, mental health, loss, betrayal, trust, family, belonging, recovery, forgiveness, making meaning

Elizabeth Turner

On Sept 11th 2001 Elizabeth Turner’s husband, Simon Turner, was at a breakfast meeting at the World Trade Centre in New York when the twin towers were attacked. Pregnant with their first child, Elizabeth’s life was catapulted into a new direction.

Key concepts: loss, loneliness, grief, trauma, forgiveness, strength, resilience, positivity, break the cycle, healing, compassion, humanity

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