Forgiveness is Really Strange

Written by Masi Noor and Marina Cantacuzino. Art by Sophie Standing.

What is forgiveness? What enables people to forgive? Why do we even choose to forgive those who have harmed us? What can the latest psychological research tell us about the nature of forgiveness, its benefits and risks?

This comic, based on science and real-life stories, illustrates the complexity of forgiveness and what it can mean to different people and its potential for positive change. It explores the key aspects of forgiveness and the impact it can have on the mind and psyche.

"This beautiful graphic book is so important to communicate the F word: forgiveness. Forgiveness is so powerful can break the cycle of revenge and re-humanize perpetrators of violence, and enable them to change...The list of powerful results of forgiveness is long, and for the first time is communicated in an engaging artistic way by one of my favourite charities with Dr Masi Noor. This book will become a moral guide to readers, including young people, on how to make the world a better place."
— Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, University of Cambridge and author of Zero Degrees of Empathy

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