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"To forgive is not just to be altruistic, it is the best form of self-interest", observed Desmond Tutu. Forgiving can be liberating, it helps victims regain self-control, puts an end to intrusive and traumatic memories and allows people to reconcile with pain.

Countless research studies indicate that forgiveness is good for your emotional, mental and physical health.

Some people forgive for themselves, others forgive to restore relationships, and still others forgive for the greater good, perhaps to put an end to conflicts that have festered over generations.

Kemal Pervanic

"I decided not to hate because hating would have finished the job they’d started so successfully."

Zak Ebrahim

“In that instant, I realized how much negative energy it takes to hold hatred inside of you.”

Margot van Sluytman

"The moment I began to consider forgiveness, my whole body started to feel different, more complete and more at peace."

Arno Michaelis

"It was the unconditional forgiveness I was given by people who I once claimed to hate that demonstrated for me the way from there to here."

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