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Some people are able to forgive only after justice has been done; for them forgiveness therefore depends on acknowledgement, accountability or the infliction of some kind of penalty or punishment.

For others forgiveness is entirely unconditional, providing a sense of peace, freedom and resolution that no justice system could achieve.

Restorative Justice is a way of resolving conflict within the criminal justice system compassionately. Victim-offender dialogues address social injuries by giving victims a better chance of healing and offenders the opportunity to apologise and take responsibility.

Debbie McLeland

"I wanted to go to court for justice - not revenge."

Katy Hutchison and Ryan Aldridge

“Whether victim or perpetrator, part of being human is rolling up our sleeves and taking an active part in repairing harm.”

Jayne Stewart

"Can I forgive him for something he denies?"

Anne-Marie Cockburn

"I’ll never ever get justice for Martha because she’s dead so why waste two young lives instead of just one."

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