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Some people are able to forgive only after justice has been done; for them forgiveness therefore depends on acknowledgement, accountability or the infliction of some kind of penalty or punishment.

For others forgiveness is entirely unconditional, providing a sense of peace, freedom and resolution that no justice system could achieve.

Debbie McLeland

"I wanted to go to court for justice - not revenge."

Khaled al-Berry

"I don’t believe you can have forgiveness without justice."

Jayne Stewart

"Can I forgive him for something he denies?"

Satta Joe

"One day some people came from the community led reconciliation programme, Fambul Tok. They asked whether there was anyone in the village who had suffered a painful experience during the war. I came forward and explained what had happened to me."

Denise Green

"There was a lot of anger among the Alder Hey families, because no one was prosecuted. Justice hadn’t been done, and people felt betrayed and let down."

Odongtoo Jimmy

"People may see me as a perpetrator, but I'm also a victim because I did not choose to kill."

Irina Krasovskaya

"If you know who did it, but there is no acknowledgement and no accountability, then forgiveness is not possible. Forgiveness requires justice."

Liz Brereton

"In my view, what he needed was psychotherapy, not prison."

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