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Something must be given up in order to stop maintaining cycles of hate. Forgiveness in this sense is an act of surrender which may mean relinquishing your justified right to retaliate, giving up your moral indignation, or letting go of grievances, grudges and resentments.

It may even mean giving up your old identity of being a victim and starting to recognise a common humanity in all.

Madeleine Black

"I used to think that they were evil, but I started to understand that they didn’t come into this world that way."

Tony McAleer

"I learned that to hold the ideology of separation, or racism, you have to have a closed heart."

Samantha Lawler

"I have compassion for my dad now in the way that you have compassion for the bully who uses aggression to mask pain and hurt."

Mathew Shurka

"In the past I’d always perceived him as this horrible man who didn’t understand or care for me, but now I just saw a father who loved his son."

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