We are excited to present to you Speaking the Unspeakable, a series of online conversations exploring shame and the profound impact it has on how we understand ourselves and our lives.

In these unique recordings, four of our storytellers share how shame can disconnect and silence us – and also reveal the insights they have gained as they have grappled with this.

Understanding how unprocessed trauma can often manifest as shame was a huge part of our learning from our work in prisons and these conversations explore this idea of how shame can cut us off from ourselves and others, reduce empathy and impact how we heal.

These conversations are available fully captioned on the Vimeo platform. We ask a small fee for each video, both to support our future work and also to afford privacy and respect to our storytellers who have been willing to share so much of themselves in these intimate conversations.

If you have any questions about the series or would like to discuss collaboration on this work, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@theforgivenessproject.com.

Watch conversations on shame

Anne-Marie Cockburn

Exploring Anne-Marie’s journey of lifting the veil of shame and reclaiming the truth of who she is as a bereaved mother from the mistruths told by the Media.

Duration: 60min

Angela Findlay

Angela shares her discoveries of intergenerational shame within her family’s history and questions – whose shame are we carrying?

Duration: 60min

Gethin Jones

Exploring how different the experience of shame can be for men in prison and how shame can be so enmeshed with trauma that it becomes unrecognisable.

Duration: 60min

Jo Berry

Jo shares her experiences of being shamed publicly for over 40 years and her reflections on how she continues to make meaning as a resilient act against shame.

Duration: 60min

There is shame about shame, it remains under taboo…The taboo on shame is so strict…we behave as if shame does not exist.
The Power of Caring

“There is shame about shame, it remains under taboo…The taboo on shame is so strict…we behave as if shame does not exist.”

The Power of Caring

About the host

Sandra Barefoot has worked for over 13 years leading our prison programme RESTORE. Her extensive experience in facilitating group processes exploring trauma and pain led her to question with colleagues the vital place shame plays in how we see ourselves and others.

Sandra’s exploration of shame has led her to understand how vital the place of finding a new language to be able to explicitly speak of shame. In hosting these conversations, she hopes to explore the complexity of how this language shapes itself within our lives and provides us with the ability to strengthen our resilience from shame.