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Anger and bitterness towards those who have shamed or wronged you can lead to some people wanting to take revenge.

However while thoughts of revenge and retaliation may initially bring relief, they can quickly become obsessive and ultimately deeply destructive. Repetitive revenge fantasies can actually increase someone’s torment and even turn the victim into the aggressor.

Forgiveness grows out of our ability to transform the impulse for revenge into a bigger search for meaning.

Mathew Shurka

" I drew up my own law suit against my father. I wanted revenge and would have done anything to hurt him."

Salimata Badgi-Knight

"Circumcising us was their way of seeking revenge - repeating a crime which had been done to them."

Zohar Shapira

" If I don’t stop now, I will be sucked into the cycle of revenge."

Margaret McKinney

"If I'd known who Brian's killers were I would have gone out and killed their children. I wanted them to know how it felt."

Aqeela Sherills and Calvin Hodges

"I chose to have valuable conversations with the community about why revenge doesn’t work."

Robi Damelin

"The first words that came out of my mouth were, 'do not take revenge in the name of my son'."

Wael Salame

"I asked my leaders if I could return to Palestine to take revenge."

Francis and Berthe Climbie

"If you focus only on retribution you extinguish the very spirit and memory of your child."

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