The Forgiveness Toolbox

The Forgiveness Toolbox is a skills-based toolbox that enables individuals and groups to transform the impact of harm and violence and nurture peaceful co-existence.

This toolbox is a collaboration between Dr Masi Noor, Social Psychologist at Keele University, England, and Marina Cantacuzino, Founder of The Forgiveness Project.

The toolbox presents 7 skills including:

  • Building bridges born out of suffering: the skill of relating to another person’s pain
  • Resisting conformity: the skill of finding your own path
  • Recovering from resentment: the skill of letting go of anger and bitterness

Community Tool Box: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • Can forgiveness be granted to those who have committed terrorist acts?
  • Can one forgive in the absence of apology or remorse?
  • Can there be reconciliation following mass murder?

These are some of the questions the Forgiveness and Reconciliation section of the Community Tool Box addresses.

This resource has grown out of the work of The Forgiveness Project and has been developed with support from the Charter for Compassion and in collaboration with The University of Kansas.

You can access this free resource online or download it as a pdf by clicking on the Community Tool Box download icon.