The F Word Podcast

The F Word Podcast examines the complex, messy, gripping subject of forgiveness.

In each episode Marina Cantacuzino, a journalist and founder of The Forgiveness Project, talks to a guest who despite having experienced great pain or trauma in their life has found a way through.

Some have forgiven those who’ve harmed them, others are grappling with forgiving themselves. Not everyone is able to forgive. Not everyone has made complete peace with their past.

But all those featured on the show display a strength that has grown out of vulnerability and they all bear witness to the human search for meaning.

Prison Chronicles

This series of six live conversations was recorded between October 2020 – April 2021 delving deep into the work of RESTORE, The Forgiveness Project’s award-winning prison programme.

In conversation with the storytellers as well as a participant and former officer, these enquiries, like the work of RESTORE, explore our shared humanity and ask us to imagine – if we had lived each other’s lives, would we have done things any differently? More information about the series

Forgiveness Tool Boxes

Explore forgiveness, restorative justice and related concepts with the help of two skills-based tool boxes grounded in real life stories of forgiveness.

Community Tool Box: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • Can forgiveness be granted to those who have committed terrorist acts?
  • Can one forgive in the absence of apology or remorse?
  • Can there be reconciliation following mass murder?

The Forgiveness Toolbox

The Forgiveness Toolbox is a skills-based toolbox that enables individuals and groups to transform the impact of harm and violence and nurture peaceful co-existence.

Videos on forgiveness

Watch past annual lectures and conversations on forgiveness with our founding patron Desmond Tutu, our storytellers and many other experts and thought leaders.