Riham Musa

Riham Musa is a lawyer living in Tulkarm in the West Bank. At the age of 15, she was shot in the stomach by an Israeli soldier as she approached a checkpoint armed with a kitchen knife.Read more

Tom Tate

In March 1945, airman Tom Tate was on special duties over Germany when his B17 Flying Fortress was hit by fire. Seven of them were captured a few hours later near the village of Huchenfeld, close to the town of Pforzheim.Read more

Elizabeth Turner

On Sept 11th 2001 Elizabeth Turner’s husband, Simon Turner, was at a breakfast meeting at the World Trade Centre in New York when the twin towers were attacked. Pregnant with their first child, Elizabeth’s life was catapulted into a new direction.Read more

Brima Koker

In 1991 when the civil war broke out in Sierra Leone, Brima Koker joined the rebel RUF (Revolutionary United Front) army to fight against Government forces. The war lasted until 2002 and left more than 50,000 people dead and over two million people displaced in neighbouring countries.Read more

Gwen Gibson

In 2007 Gwen Gibson’s daughter had £165 stolen from the ballet school she was running in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Soon after a young boy (15) was caught and charged.Read more

Mariane Pearl

Mariane Pearl, pictured here with her son Adam, aged 18 months, was five months pregnant when her husband, the American journalist Daniel Pearl, was brutally murdered by a militant Islamic fundamentalist group in February 2002.Read more

Denise Green

In 1999, Denise Green and her husband Bill discovered that their son William was one of hundreds of children whose organs were removed without consent for research purposes.Read more

Idan Barir

Idan Barir is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and served in the Israeli artillery corps for many years, including during the Second Intifada. After witnessing immoral Israeli military operations, Barir refused to perform further military service and was jailed for this refusal in 2009.Read more

Karsten Mathiasen

After going through a bitter marital breakdown, Karsten battled extreme sorrow and anger. This experience caused him to confront his own actions, and to embark on a journey of personal healing and forgiveness.Read more

Judith Toy

On October 15 1990, three members of Judith Toy’s family were brutally murdered. The perpetrator was a neighbour and family friend. Five years later, through her newfound practice of daily mindfulness in the Zen Buddhist tradition, Judith spontaneously forgave Charles.Read more