We are living through incredibly challenging times and it can be easy to feel isolated from others. Connection is at the centre of The Forgiveness Project’s work – connection to ourselves and to each other.

Unfortunately, we are unable to undertake much of our work in lockdown but even when this passes, social distancing will make it difficult to run our programmes, events and exhibitions.

As everything around us changes, we know we will have to change too. We are taking this time to reflect on the challenges ahead, and how The Forgiveness Project can best respond. There is uncertainty on what the world will look like when we emerge from our isolation, but finding new ways to explore our storytellers’ journeys of reconciliation and resilience will be key in rebuilding our world.

We want to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you for your support. You can read all of our stories here on our new website which we will be developing over the coming months.

We would like to share with you a quote from someone who visited The F Word exhibition when it was in Christ Church in Ware, UK in February. Although written about the powerful stories in The F Word, it is a poignant message for the challenges we are now facing.

“It makes me realise how amazing people are – how they have turned their pain into positive. It also makes me reflect on how we should cherish the life we have and the people we have in it!”

Take care and stay safe,
From all of us at The Forgiveness Project

Rachel Bird, Director
4 May 2020