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Energy consumed by harbouring resentment and nursing wounds rarely aids recovery and can usually be put to better use. As Viktor Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning (1959), survivors are able to heal by finding "some purpose and meaning in the suffering."

Making meaning is not about making sense out of pain (some things will always be incomprehensible), but rather that survivors now pursue things that really matter to them which in turn puts meaning and purpose back into their lives.

Cathy Harrington

"During those early years of trying to make sense of such unspeakable horror, I spent a lot of time living among the poor."

Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix

"We believe that in every crime there is an opportunity to improve society by learning how to prevent that crime from happening again."

Scarlett Lewis

"I ask people to honor Jesse’s memory by consciously changing an angry thought into a loving one, to make this a better world."

Sue Hanisch

"I was able to stand back at last and see the bigger picture of my life and its meaning."

Margot van Sluytman

"Half of me was void, full of nothing before I embarked on this path, whereas now I have a friendship with the man who killedmy father and that has put meaning back into my life."

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