Stories | Questions | How can you forgive without an apology?

For most people forgiveness has conditions. For example, some people will only forgive if they receive a genuine apology. For others, forgiveness is an act of self-preservation and to wait for an apology simply puts control in the wrong hands.

Forgiveness may be an entirely practical way of rebuilding a broken relationship, but equally you can choose to release a relationship that’s harming you and still forgive. In other words, forgiveness does not mean reconciliation.

Susan Waters

"I sense a freedom in trusting that justice will find its own course and consequence."

Fr Michael Lapsley

“I haven’t forgiven anyone, because I have no one to forgive. No one was charged with this crime, and so for me forgiveness is still an abstract concept.”

Anne-Marie Hagan

"Forgiveness cannot be conditional on remorse, because that would mean we can only forgive those who are sorry."

Robi Damelin

"I also recognized through this process that I was no longer a victim because my life was not contingent on what this man did."

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