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Hardened attitudes and fixed perspectives shift when we hear the stories of others.

Sharing your story can be a powerful part of the recovery process as it helps those who have suffered overcome the voicelessness of victimhood. It also allows those who have harmed others to make reparation and model a process of change.

Life becomes more meaningful when your story is able to help others with their own unresolved pain.

Richard McCann

"Writing my story was like shedding a skin. I confronted the past and talked about taboo subjects such as prostitution and murder. It liberated me."

Gill Hicks

“Through my experience and the sharing of my story, my work has helped create an alternative narrative.”

Assaad Chaftari

"I would venture into the jaws of hell if my story could shift just one person's views and move them away from violence."

Mary Johnson and Oshea Israel

"It’s not easy for us to stand next to each other and share our story but I say to other mothers that talking and sharing your story is the road to healing."

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