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Without some awareness and acceptance of your own faults, it becomes very difficult to forgive others. Self-forgiveness is about putting an end to the self-punishment you may have inflicted on yourself for things you have or have not done.

Self-forgiveness is about letting go of regret and self-pity, and becoming more aware of yourself without being overwhelmed by what you find. Forgiving yourself is an act of self-healing.

Kelly Connor

"I still almost choke to say I forgive myself and sometimes I can’t integrate it into my life."

Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal

"Forgiving myself is an ongoing process, a daily practice. It probably will be until the day I die."

Lorenn Walker

"Forgiving my attacker was easy...But forgiving myself for what happened took me 25 years."

Nour Shehadah

"Because everything I did was to defend my own land, I believe there is nothing I’ve done that I need forgiveness for."

Celia McWee

"My anger is entirely directed towards myself for turning my back on my son when he needed me most."

Idan Barir

"I’m not looking for forgiveness from those I may have hurt because I know I won’t get it. Nor do I feel that I have the right to forgive myself and rid myself of guilt or the strong sense of shame I feel."


"My punishment is to be locked away from the world and from my children, but at least now I feel free inside because I’m learning to forgive myself."

Nyatuel Chuol Thok Loklok

" I had to forgive myself or else I couldn’t get rid of my militaristic mindset."

Penny Beernsten

"The most difficult thing in all this is being able to forgive myself."

Martin Snoddon

"I have had to seek forgiveness within myself and to reconcile my past and my present."

Linda Apo and Marilyn Vierra

"Forgiving myself is the hardest part. I never had the heart to hate anybody and yet before I didn’t know how to behave in a real or loving way."

Oren Kalisman

"I’m not looking for forgiveness, but for understanding."

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