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Without some awareness and acceptance of your own faults, it becomes very difficult to forgive others. Self-forgiveness is about putting an end to the self-punishment you may have inflicted on yourself for things you have or have not done.

Self-forgiveness is about letting go of regret and self-pity, and becoming more aware of yourself without being overwhelmed by what you find. Forgiving yourself is an act of self-healing.

Kelly Connor

"I still almost choke to say I forgive myself and sometimes I can’t integrate it into my life."

Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal

"Forgiving myself is an ongoing process, a daily practice. It probably will be until the day I die."

Lorenn Walker

"Forgiving my attacker was easy...But forgiving myself for what happened took me 25 years."

Nour Shehadah

"Because everything I did was to defend my own land, I believe there is nothing I’ve done that I need forgiveness for."

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