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While a season of anger may well be necessary in order to reconcile with pain, lasting anger and enduring hate can create cycles of self-destructive behaviour.

But anger can be empowering too; it can mean reclaiming your voice or fighting for justice. Indeed, rage, sorrow and despair are part of the healing process, and may well become the launch pad for forgiveness.

Dave Dineen

"I had been down so deep in the darkness – the pain, rage, self-medication and addiction – that I know there is a way out."

Brenda Adelman

"The missing step was embracing my anger in a healthy way."

Mike Haines

"My anger is positive – it gives me the drive to continue what I’m doing."

Camilla Carr

"You have to work through layers to obtain forgiveness. First you have to deal with anger, then with tears, and only once you reach the tears are you on the road to finding peace of mind."

Christopher Emmanuel

"My anger broke and tears filled my eyes as I cried the tears that I’d never been able to shed as a child. Then as I stared down at my father a great sadness poured through me for what I’d just done and I realized I had become just like him."

Karsten Mathiasen

"I wanted to really frighten him, and so one day I telephoned him and told him I wanted to kill him."

Riham Musa

"Because of the way we live in the West Bank, hatred has been forced upon me."

Simon Wilson

"I’d never been someone to get easily angry and it was scary feeling this way. I became difficult to be around."

Elizabeth Turner

"Choosing the path to stop the cycle of violence is just as difficult as choosing the other path of anger and hatred."

Eric Lomax

"I became impossible to live with; it was as if the sins my captors had sown in me were being harvested in my family. I also had intense hatred for the Japanese."

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