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Working with stories of lived experience – the transformative power of storytelling

A course designed to explore approaches and perspectives relating to forgiveness, restorative narratives, shame and resilience. This course offers tools and techniques to build participants’ knowledge and practice of the use of storytelling in their work. It offers new and innovative approaches to working with individuals and groups, supporting participants to develop resilience and empathetic relationships with clients and colleagues.

Drawing on 17 years of learning and practice from The Forgiveness Project, this is a skills-based course offering a unique combination of tools, techniques and knowledge for anyone working in such fields as Criminal Justice, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, Restorative Peace Building, Social Care, Mental Health and Well Being, Community Arts and Social Justice.

Course Participant

“A fascinating insight and beautifully-led journey into and through the sensitive and difficult areas of harm, shame, forgiveness and healing.”

Course Participant

“A deep dive and sensitive exploration of how to turn traumatic events into new narratives to live by.”

Course Participant

“Your knowledge of and humility towards all you talked about deeply impressed me. I think I learnt as much from how you presented the material as I did from the course content.”

Key learning points

  • Using storytelling as a transformative tool for change
  • Methods of collecting, collating and sharing restorative narratives
  • Creative approaches used to support people so they can speak and share their stories safely
  • Using the Restorative Circle process
  • Examining concepts of forgiveness, restorative justice and reparation from an individual and global perspective
  • Navigating the Trauma Healing Map
  • Understanding Shame Resilience Theory and its application in many contexts

The course is 28 CPD hours – certificate available on request. CPD accredited through NAOS Institute by the National Council for Psychotherapists.

Structure & approach

Due to the nature of the course – being both online and dealing with difficult subject matters – we conduct an interview with all potential participants prior to final acceptance on to the course.

We are crucially aware that attending a course online, often from our home environments can bring its own set of challenges and difficulties. In our preparatory discussion with you, we will ascertain your needs and factor any of these into the course structure if and when needed.

The course has been tailored specifically for online learning and allows time for participants to digest, reflect and input. For details on the Learning Outcomes for each session, please click here.

For more information and to be added to the waiting list for the next course, please email Sandra at sandra@theforgivenessproject.com.


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