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Curiosity is the antidote to hate and a vital ingredient of forgiveness. Being curious sets light to the imagination, to wonder why?

Wonder and curiosity keeps you from behaving as if you have other people figured out. To be prepared to forgive means moving from "why me?", to "why them?"

Shad Ali

"Forgiveness came from wondering how on earth someone could inflict that kind of pain on another human being without feeling anything."


Victoria Ruvolo

"I wanted to know what type of kid would do this? Had he always been a bully? Was he always hurting other people?"

Pardeep Kaleka

"One of our immediate responses to the atrocity was to ask how it could have happened...We decided we needed to reach out and get to know our neighbors, making contributions to our community and learning together."

Linda Biehl

"We wanted to meet them. It wasn’t about pity or blame, but about understanding."

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