Irina Krasovskaya

"If I think about them too much I start to dream of revenge so then I have to stop myself because I know revenge will destroy me."Read more

Geoff Thompson

"Forgiveness is pragmatic. It offers a real and lasting vengeance."Read more

Margaret McKinney

"If I’d known who Brian’s killers were, I would have gone out and killed their children. I wanted them to know how it felt."Read more

Salimata Badji-Knight

"Circumcising us was their way of seeking revenge - repeating a crime which had been done to them."Read more

Duma Kumalo

As one of the Sharpville Six, Duma Kumalo was wrongly imprisoned in 1985 for a murder he didn’t commit. He spent seven years in prison, with three of those on death row.Read more

Gayle Kirschenbaum

"We all have pain. How we deal with it is our choice."Read more

Linda Apo and Marilyn Vierra

"It was also an opportunity for me to apologise to my family and for them to tell me how my actions had hurt them."Read more

Terry Caffey

On the night of March 1st, 2008, in a quiet, rural Texan community, Terry Caffey’s wife, Penny, and their two young sons, Bubba and Tyler, were brutally murdered by their 16-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, Charlie Wilkinson, and his friend Charles Waid.Read more


The quest for forgiveness is universal, empowering people of all beliefs and backgrounds to break the cycle of violence and build resilient communities. Start your journey now.Read more

Khaled al-Berry

As a teenager Khaled al-Berry belonged to the radical Egyptian Islamist group, el-Gama’a al-Islamiya.Read more