Denise Green

In 1999, Denise Green and her husband Bill discovered that their son William was one of hundreds of children whose organs were removed without consent for research purposes. As parents prepared for multiple burials, the Health Secretary Alan Milburn described what happened at Alder Hey as “unforgivable”.Read more

Idan Barir

Idan Barir is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and served in the Israeli artillery corps for many years, including during the Second Intifada. After witnessing immoral Israeli military operations, Barir refused to perform further military service and was jailed for this refusal in 2009.Read more

Karsten Mathiasen

Karsten Mathiasen is a Danish clown and storyteller. After going through a bitter marital breakdown, Karsten battled extreme sorrow and anger. This experience caused him to confront his own actions, and to embark on a journey of personal healing and forgiveness.Read more

Judith Toy

"I had forgiven Charles, not condoned what he did. And I was still afraid of him."Read more

Tracey Ford

In 2007 Tracey Ford was a single mother, running her own business and looking after her two children, 14-year-old Becky and 17-year-old Andre. Whilst at his friend’s ice-skating party Andre was shot dead. From this shattering event, Tracy chose to set aside hate and use forgiveness as a force for change.Read more

Mark Henderson

In 2003 film-maker Mark Henderson was trekking in the Colombian jungle with a group of tourists when he was taken hostage by the Ejército de Liberación Nacional. Mark, along with four Israelis, were held for a total of 101 days.Read more

Janis Hillard

Janis Hillard is a survivor of sexual violence living in California. From ages seven to sixteen she was raped by a relative but suppressed those memories for years until she had a mental breakdown.Read more

Liz Stone

Liz Stone was just 16 when her best friend was murdered; compounding her existing depression she was later hospitalized for attempted suicide. After a series of abusive relationships, she married and started a family, but the trauma of her past caught up with her.Read more

Wael Salame

Wael Salame lives in Anata, East Jerusalem. In 1990 he was arrested as he crossed into Israel from the West Bank on his way to blow up an Israeli police building. After five years in prison, he turned his back on violence.Read more

Jean-Baptiste Ntakirutimana

Jean-Baptiste Ntakirutimana is a Tutsi whose family were murdered in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. In April 2008 he met the man who killed his mother.Read more