Gwen Gibson

In 2007 Gwen Gibson’s daughter had £165 stolen from the ballet school she was running in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Soon after a young boy (15) was caught and charged.Read more

Aqeela Sherrills and Calvin Hodges

Aqeela Sherrills and Calvin Hodges grew up on opposite sides of the tracks during the bloody gang conflicts of the Watts neighborhood in south LA. Aqeela wore blue and belonged to the Crip gang, while Calvin wore red and was a member of the Bloods.Read more

Rosalyn Boyce

Some years ago, Rosalyn Boyce’s life catapulted into a downward spiral when she was raped by a man who broke into her Surrey home. In 2014 she met her attacker in prison and offered him her forgiveness.Read more

Ivan Humble

"Suddenly I was hit by this immense guilt. How could I hate Muslims when I’d been so welcomed by them!"Read more

Yulie Cohen

"I made friends with a Palestinian deportee and began to see that the so-called enemy were just people like him."Read more

Karsten Mathiasen

"My desire to harm Torben grew. I wanted to really frighten him, and so one day I telephoned him and told him I wanted to kill him."Read more

Jude Whyte

Jude Whyte was born in Belfast in 1957 to Catholic parents. In April 1984 his life changed forever when his mother, a part-time taxi driver, was killed in a bomb blast outside the family home.Read more

Wilma Derksen

In November 1984 Wilma and Cliff Derksen’s 13-year-old daughter, Candace, went missing on her way home from school in Winnipeg, Canada. It wasn’t until 22 years later that Mark Grant was charged with her murder and received a 25 year life sentence. However in 2017, Grant was found ‘not guilty’ in a second trial and released.Read more

Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler

Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler is a survivor of the July 2011 attacks on Utøya island in Norway when right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 69 people and injured 110 others.Read more

Alistair Little

Alistair Little joined the Protestant paramilitaries at the age of 14. Three years later, too young to receive a life sentence, he was detained under the Secretary of State’s Pleasure (SOSP) and served a 13-year prison sentence in Long Kesh and H-blocks.Read more