Satta Joe

Satta Joe was a victim of the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002). She lives in the Kono District – an area with rich diamond reserves which experienced devastation during the war.Read more

Tom Mauser

"Our goal is to honor Daniel with acts of hope, and not mar our memory of him with anger or hatred or despair."Read more

Francis and Berthe Climbié

Victoria Climbié’s life was short and tragic. Born in the Ivory Coast, at the age of seven her parents, Francis and Berthe Climbié, trusted her into the care of a relative, Marie-Therese Kouao, who brought her to England to be educated. It was here that she met her death – tortured and killed by the very person who had promised to help her.Read more

John Carter

"I feel the whole restorative justice process and meeting my victim changed me forever."Read more

Julie Chimes

"I have learnt that this inner place of forgiveness and peace is available to everyone, everywhere, and in any circumstance."Read more

Dr. Chuck Sandstrom

Dr. Chuck Sandstrom was a seasoned organizational leader and motivational speaker when in 2009 he was brutally assaulted by a stranger in Akron Ohio.Read more

Dave Dineen

Dave Dineen first encountered sexual abuse at the age of seven. Through a stormy childhood he found himself placed in the care of a religious institution in Cork. His healing journey has been about learning to live with a difficult past.Read more

Christo Brand and Vusumzi Mcongo

Christo Brand was one of the warders directly assigned to guard Nelson Mandela at Robben Island prison between 1978 and 1987. At the same time Vusumzi Mcongo was a political prisoner serving a 12-year sentence. Following the collapse of the apartheid regime, both men worked for the Robben Island Museum in Cape Town.Read more

Rosalyn Boyce

Some years ago, Rosalyn Boyce’s life catapulted into a downward spiral when she was raped by a man who broke into her Surrey home. In 2014 she met her attacker in prison and offered him her forgiveness.Read more

Stanislav Krezic

During the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stanislav Krezic fought with Croatian Defence Council Forces against the Bosnian Army on the front lines around the divided town of Mostar. Stanislav was taken prisoner and held for five months in his own village by men he knew.Read more