Charlie Ryder

"I realised then that I had truly forgiven my father for harming me as a child. Forgiveness is a very personal journey but it can be a wonderful act of self-love."


Angela Findlay

"Forgiveness has helped me to see the process of working through my transgenerational transmission of unresolved trauma, guilt and shame as a gift."


Paul Kohler

"Forgiving the perpetrator is a means of dealing with your internal issues and ensuring you’re not embittered by the experience."


Gethin Jones

"For me forgiveness started with first forgiving the system, then forgiving my mum and eventually forgiving myself."


Figen Murray

"Forgiveness became the vehicle I used to stay within my own humanity."


Ruchi Singh

"Forgiveness doesn’t mean saying I’m OK with what he did, it means I can continue with my life in a more peaceful frame of mind."


Rosie Ayliffe

"I hoped to find some sense of closure from finally meeting the man who had killed my child."


Lis Cashin

"My journey to healing started with self-forgiveness and then it became compassion."


Joan Scourfield

"I used to feel that if I forgive Jacob it meant I’d forgotten James but now that Jacob has done so well forgiving him feels really natural."


Kia Scherr

"Through forgiveness I’ve learnt that love doesn’t die."


Brigitte Sossou Perenyi

"Forgiveness has freed me because it recognises we are all human and we all make mistakes."


Elizabeth and Fernando Jimenez

"At first it was very difficult to forgive Nick but then I realised it was not about forgiving the man but about forgiving his stupidity."


Ivan Humble

"I had been totally focused on our differences but after three months of talking to Khalil I discovered common ground."


Janis Hillard

"It is through forgiveness that I have repossessed what was stolen from me and put it back where it rightfully belongs."


Hashim Garrett

"I soon found out that forgiveness was the hardest word to say in public."


Irina Krasovskaya

"If I think about them too much I start to dream of revenge so then I have to stop myself because I know revenge will destroy me. I cannot allow myself to bleed and die inside."


Andrea Martinez

"Deciding to forgive was a process, it’s not something that can happen overnight."


Margot Van Sluytman

"At first I hated the very notion of forgiveness. To tell someone who is in pain to forgive is brutal. Forgiveness can’t be prescriptive."


Christopher Emmanuel

"My anger broke and tears filled my eyes as I cried the tears that I’d never been able to shed as a child."


Jacob Dunne

"It’s extraordinary to think that the people I harmed the most were the people to judge me the least."


Stacy Bannerman

"Forgiveness won’t change the past, but it can change the present, which is where the future starts."


Anne-Marie Cockburn

"They wanted him to be punished but I just said, "I'll never ever get justice for Martha because she's dead so why waste two young lives instead of just one"."


Zak Ebrahim

"In that instant, I realized how much negative energy it takes to hold hatred inside of you."


Susan Waters

"I sense a freedom in trusting the process of life, that justice will find its own course and consequence."


Gayle Kirschenbaum

"I choose to forgive her for my own health and happiness and to free myself from mental angst and bondage."


Mike Haines

"But my anger is positive – it gives me the drive to continue what I’m doing."


Pardeep Kaleka

"We decided we needed to reach out and get to know our neighbours, making contributions to our community and learning together."


Karsten Mathiasen

"At first, I thought I was the great forgiver, but in the end I was the one to ask for forgiveness."


Mathew Shurka

"In the past I’d always perceived him as this horrible man who didn’t understand or care for me, but now I just saw a father who loved his son."


Liz Stone

"Softly the answer came; ‘forgiveness is mine to give, his reaction is irrelevant’."


Scarlett Lewis

"So please honour Jesse’s memory by consciously changing an angry thought into a loving one, to make this a better world."


Dr. Chuck Sandstrom

"To borrow from Harold Kushner, forgiveness is first and foremost a way of seeing. It cannot change the facts about the world we live in but it can change the way we see those facts."


Ray Minniecon

"Healing is a meaningless word for Aboriginal people because we possess a wound that cannot be healed."


Bjørn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler

"I believe that we have to recognize Breivik’s humanity. I find people’s efforts to dehumanize him really scary because that’s what he tried to do to us."


Jude Whyte

"Most people don’t ever forgive because they see it as stampeding on the memory of their loved ones."


Madeleine Black

"I used to think that they were evil, but I started to understand that they didn't come into this world that way."


Hanneke Coates

"I thought I had forgiven my Japanese captors, and yet was always aware of the hairs rising in the nape of my neck when I heard a Japanese voice."


Tony McAleer

"In that process I learned that to hold the ideology of separation, or racism, you have to have a closed heart. An open heart makes the ideology irrelevant."


Stanislav Krezic

"At first I didn’t really believe in it, but in fact, it was the best thing that could have happened to me because I realised there were others who had suffered much more than I had."



"So many victims feel they are to blame, but being a victim does not mean you are guilty."


Munira Beba Hadzic

"If someone helps me, then I can help you, and you will help someone else. And as a result, people can stand up for themselves."


Wilma Derksen

"At times it was incredibly tough. People said we couldn’t have loved Candace because we forgave. "


Samantha Lawler

"Forgiveness is not about forgiving the act but forgiving the imperfections which are inherent in all of us."


Cathy Harrington

"Lots of things in life are senseless. There’s so much we can’t explain but we need to be able to love the questions."


Dave Dineen

"I dislike the term 'victims' because it places a weight on people."


Grace Idowu

"When I recovered myself I told him, 'I’m not crying for David, I’m crying for you. What have you done with your life?"'


Assaad Emile Chaftari

"I would venture into the jaws of hell if my story could shift just one person's views and move them away from violence."


Sokreaksa Himm

"In time I discovered that forgiveness opens a channel for real spiritual power to work in my life; a power which brings healing and wholeness."


Brima Koker

"I said that some of the things we did during the war were terrible and we shouldn’t have done them, but that these were unique circumstances and we were not in control of our actions or of what happened next."


Satta Joe

"As I took his hand I was sobbing – not out of despair but a sense relief that perhaps now we could move on from this terrible pain in our past."


Lynette D. Grace

"My mission now is to work with Johnny to offer a story of healing, forgiveness and restoration in the hope of inspiring others."


Shad Ali

"Forgiveness came from wondering how on earth someone could inflict that kind of pain on another human being without feeling anything."


Kelly Connor

"What I forgive myself for today, I don’t know will apply tomorrow."


David Rogers

"My wife and I both said after the trial, Adam’s life is gone, but we don’t want to see another life ruined."


Arno Michaelis

"Forgiveness is a sublime example of humanity that I explore at every opportunity."


Judith Toy

"I had forgiven Charles, not condoned what he did. And I was still afraid of him."


TJ Leyden

"The greatest compassion I’ve ever experienced is when I spoke at a synagogue and a Jewish Holocaust survivor came up to me and said they forgave me."


Sammy Rangel

"In the end, forgiveness released me from the hate that was consuming me."


Geoff Thompson

"Forgiveness is pragmatic. It offers a real and lasting vengeance."


Gwen Gibson

"The Restorative Justice conference taught me a lot. I learned that I should not be so judgemental."


Tracey Ford

"My work involves trying to give young people hope, helping them see there is life beyond their teenage years."


Mark Henderson

"Returning to Colombia, and hearing Antonio say sorry, and that he regretted what they’d done, was very healing indeed."


Jo Nodding

"I’m not a victim any more, I’m a survivor."


Lorenn Walker

"Forgiving my attacker was easy...But forgiving myself for what happened took me 25 years."


Susie Lomax

"I’ve found that in order to forgive someone you have to pass a judgement on them in the first place. And I question that."


Denise Rhodes

"He was just a kid, and a bit thick, and here he was in prison, with a criminal record and I was responsible for that."


Elizabeth Turner

"For me forgiveness is about finding an inner peace and accepting the cards you’ve been handed in life."


Deborah Hollywood

"The thought of meeting Jordan frightened me, and I didn’t want to get into an argument with him, but I wanted to know why he’d behaved the way he had."


Matthew James

"On leaving the prison I realised that things had changed for me; I’d gone from being a victim of crime to being able to see things more from Billy’s point of view."


Margaret Foxley

"Forgiveness for me is a healing process, but it depends on people communicating and understanding."


Kathleen Key

"I needed to know why he had been drinking; what had brought him to that point in his life where he had no thought for anyone else?"


Wael Salame

"I have remained active ever since, believing passionately that if Palestinian freedom fighters and former Israeli soldiers can form a group with a common cause, then anyone can."


Riham Musa

"I believe violence breeds violence and there’s no choice now for me other than to find another way."


Oren Kalisman

"The healing part of the story for me has been starting a new Combatants for Peace group in Nablus."


Nour Shehadah

"In Combatants for Peace I am happy to talk to the young soldiers who have laid down their arms and are sorry for what they’ve done. I can forgive them."


Idan Barir

"I wrote a letter to my commanders and told them I was no longer willing to take part in any fighting in the occupied Palestinian territories."


Zohar Shapira

"Once the anger ceases, the heart opens and understanding is possible."


Chen Alon

"My children were human, and yet we had dehumanized the Palestinian children."


Bassam Aramin

"I tried to hide my tears from the other prisoners who wouldn’t have understood why I was crying about the pain of my oppressors."


Yulie Cohen

"Once I had felt forgiveness for my attacker, I saw that I also had to forgive my parents."


Magdeline Makola

"Forgiveness is different from trusting. You don’t have to trust someone just because they are forgiven."


Peter Woolf and Will Riley

"Talking is the only way forward. People who don’t talk (which is the majority of victims) are delaying and even maintaining the pain."


Kemal Pervanic

"I didn’t decide not to hate because I’m a good person, I decided not to hate because hating would have finished the job they’d started so successfully."


Rosalyn Boyce

"I said that it was my forgiveness to give and that what he decided to do with it was up to him."


Norman Kember

"I think the press particularly expect people like me to be angry and unforgiving but the truth is I have never felt any animosity towards my captors."


Rebecca DeMauro

"I knew that if something didn’t change I would be in the graveyard, dead from a broken heart, next to my little daughter."


Julie Chimes

"I refused to be pigeonholed as a grim faced victim, although this was the angle many photographers and journalists wanted."


Anne Marie Hagan

"Forgiveness is recognizing that the offender is a human being who is deserving of kindness, compassion and love despite the harm they have done."


Richard McCann

"I don't believe forgiveness is a one off act; it’s rather something that enters and leaves our consciousness like the tide and it requires working through continually."


Gill Hicks

"Through my experience and the sharing of my story, my work has helped create an alternative narrative, that we are all interconnected and interdependent."


Simon Wilson

"I think everyone has the capacity to forgive but they sometimes need help finding those inner resources."


Sue Hanisch

"Through my experience I have come to believe that we are all equally capable of being the victim and the perpetrator."


Eva Kor

"I believe with every fibre of my being that every human being has the right to live without the pain of the past."


Khaled al-Berry

"I believe that the most dangerous thing in life is to let people become convinced that truth has just one face."


Marie Fatayi-Williams

"You need to work hard to achieve peace. It doesn’t just come on a platter of good. You cannot give what you don’t have."


Mwalimu Johnson

"Initially I was unable to entertain any thought of forgiveness, but slowly I came to realize that bitterness only creates bitterness."


Tom Mauser

"Our goal is to honor Daniel with acts of hope, and not mar our memory of him with anger or hatred or despair."


Bud Welch

"About a year before the execution I found it in my heart to forgive Tim McVeigh. It was a release for me rather than for him."


Celia McWee

"My anger is entirely directed towards myself for turning my back on my son when he needed me most."


Mary Blewitt

"I couldn’t sit around and wait for something to happen, so I started my own organisation – SURF."


John Carter

"They gave me the resolve to not steal and to certainly not commit violence against another person ever again."


Robi Damelin

"I also recognized through this process that I was no longer a victim because my life was not contingent on what this man did."


Andrew Rice

"I’m refusing to fall in line with what 'they' want, which is visceral hatred between two sides; this gives me permission to reconcile."


Eric Lomax

"The letter he wrote back was full of compassion, and I think at that moment I lost whatever hard armour I had wrapped around me."


Martin Snoddon

"My past violent actions were very destructive, but now I’m fighting for peace in a far more constructive manner."


Salimata Badji Knight

"Out of rage came compassion, and the realisation that this was not my mother's fault, nor the fault of the women who had done this to me. They were simply blinded by tradition."


Jo Berry and Pat Magee

"No matter which side of the conflict you’re on, had we all lived each other's lives, we could all have done what the other did."


Michael Watson

"Certainly I believe in the concept of forgiveness. It is always better to give than to receive."


Marian Partington

"Working towards forgiveness seems to be the most imaginative way of becoming free and offering freedom."


Margaret McKinney

"Religion doesn’t matter there. Whether it’s the mother of an IRA son, or the wife of a Loyalist paramilitary, there’s no difference."


Vladimir Khodosok

"No one has said sorry, no one has shown remorse, and no one has taken responsibility. So I do not forgive those who were responsible. Would you?"


Charlotte Maude

"We live in a blame culture where people now assume that if anything goes wrong you should sue."



"I don’t deserve forgiveness, but unless you can reach that point where you feel OK, you can never fully heal and move on."


Desmond Tutu

"If you can find it in yourself to forgive then you are no longer chained to the perpetrator."


Denise Green

"Forgiveness was not a word I used at first, but hearing the bitterness and anger I knew I didn’t want to go down that road."


Alistair Little

"When someone who has suffered extends the hand of friendship or forgiveness to someone like me, it’s hard not to be moved and inspired."


Anne Gallagher

"We listen to people’s stories, but we don’t judge them. There’s healing in that."