Prison Chronicles: lessons from the frontline of forgiveness

The Forgiveness Project is excited to present the Prison Chronicles, a new series of live conversations exploring the stories we tell – how we shape them and ultimately how they shape us.

For over ten years we have taken our storytellers into prison with RESTORE, our award winning prison programme that supports prisoners to explore their conflicted and fragmented lives and imagine the possibility of a different future.

In conversation with our storytellers, former prisoners and prison officers this series reveals an unexpected world where the line between victim and perpetrator becomes blurred and where telling your story can save you from it.

“Witnessing these conversations is like being plugged back into the jugular of humanity on such a profound and humbling level. … I can’t think of a more soul-nourishing way to spend an hour.’ – Prison Chronicles Online Attendee

Hosted by Sandra Barefoot, Programme Manager of RESTORE, these conversations explore our shared humanity and ask us to imagine – if we had lived each other’s lives, could we have done things any differently?

For our final event in this series of the Prison Chronicles, we look forward to talking with Jason Grant about identity, collective and systemic trauma and how sharing your story can sometimes do more harm than good.

Jason grew up on the streets of south east London, was sent to prison at 16 and then was in and out until the age of 24. The education he received inside, particularly his work with prison radio, transformed his life. Upon release, Jason got into Goldsmiths, University of London, and graduated with a 2.1 in Media and Communications. Since then Jason has worked in local, regional and national radio stations as well as reporting from most of the countries in the EU. Jason currently works with organisations to create meaningful change within criminal justice and mental health systems.

In the aftermath of the 2011 London riots/uprising, Jason wanted to find a way to help young men caught up in the criminal justice system. Jason found what he was looking for in RESTORE where he shared his story for five years in prisons throughout England and Wales.


  • Date: Wednesday, 14 April 2021
  • Time: 5 – 6pm BST– to see what time this will be where you live click here
  • Ticket price: £6 – if you can pay more, then please do add a donation. The price of the ticket includes access to the recording of the event for two weeks after.
  • Location: Your living room (via zoom)…